Tuesday 23 September 2014

Day 154: Uda Walawa National Park - Twenty-Nine Elephants

Male elephant approaches the jeep
Before saying farewell to the hills, we stopped at the Ravana waterfall, tumbling down from the cooler world above.  Then we drove to the rock statues of Buduruvagala - a cliff-high Buddha of unknown age, with bodhisattvas and goddesses in tow, hidden in a glade in the forest.  It was a serene spot, "but don't come here at night," our guide warned.  "People get killed by wild elephants."

We were very keen to see these beasts but not so keen on a trampling, so we headed to Uda Walawa National Park for an afternoon safari.  In three hours we saw twenty-nine elephants, two types of monkey, buffalo, a crocodile, fish eagles, crested hawk eagles, peacocks, green bee-eaters, painted storks, spoonbills, a pied kingfisher, and various other bird life.  Alas, I'm a few years late with the bird list, but Will Vittery you'd better be reading!
Another lone male in Uda Walawa. 4 months of drought hast left much tasty grass!
Crested hawk eagle at Uda Walawa
Spoonbill and unknown bird (Will Vittery plea identify) dance around one another.

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  1. Think the unidentified bird is a Black-winged Stilt (say what you see!). Great picture of the eagle!