Sunday 20 April 2014

Day 9 - More Santiago

A functional day on Good Friday catching up on washing and eating.

Yesterday we managed to do quite a bit more starting off with a trip to the Chilean Natural History Museum. Arranged like a walk from the north to the south of Chile it mostly made us realise how much there is to see here and how we need to get out of Santiago (don't worry, we're gone tomorrow!). Also of note, a reproduction of the Inca mummy from the top of the mountain we failed to climb last week. Can't believe the Inca's managed it without Goretex and down jackets!

A fish lunch at the central market (enjoyed the grilled razor clams with parmesan) and finally a visit to the Pre-Colombian Arts museum. The quipus were mesmerising: an amazing form of information storage using string.

Central Market

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