Sunday 29 June 2014

Day 49: Uyuni

Uyuni is colourful town.  The women wear bright skirts and shawls and bowler hats; I wear a black jacket and black trousers and a brown hat.  I need to start thinking about making some many-coloured purchases.

Guy spent the day in his sleeping bag drinking flat coke and clutching his stomach.  I put Wenlock the Stuffed Traveller in the post to Bournville School, then wandered around the market.  I considered buying 'El Hobbit' but wasn't sure if my Spanish was up to it, so I stuck to buying biscuits.

When I called into the museum, the receptionist looked astonished to receive a visitor.  She showed me an artistic representation of the first nomadic inhabitants of the region, around three thousand years ago, wearing nothing but grass skirts.  As I shivered in my down jacket in the middle of the day, I found it hard to believe in its accuracy.  Another exhibit showed the pre-colombian practice of skull-binding to elongate the cranium, while a set of skeletons, wrapped in sinewy spaghetti, crouched in tiny glass cases in the corner, brown and wilting.

Back at the hotel, Guy was feeling better so we went for pizza in an American pizza place.

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